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I’m just as pissed as you are

“Look, i am just as pissed as you are! “Munn bitched to us when we caught up with her at the unveiling of her michael kors outlet australia new clothes eschewing peta poster for their”I’d rather go naked then wear fur”Campaign.

Hmm, wish you would have taken that argument to mr.Soderbergh, doll, we have to wonder exactly why steve was scared to have the dude’s drop trou when not only is the flick based on male strippers, but hollywood seems to have no problem when a woman strips down.

For the record, we’re waiting for hear back from the motion picture association of america for an official response on this full frontal gender discrepancy.

But even though munn can’t give us a straight answer how she feels, girl didn’t have any hesitation picking a different best dancer than the director:

“The best is definitely matt bomer.I can’t tell you the worst,”Quipped olivia.

And since we also have a soft spot for those chiseled cheeks, we totally understand, but don’t worry if bomer’s not your fave, ms.Munn has love for the entire sexy cast and wants them all on the next peta poster:

“Let’s get channing the guys from magic mike should do it. michael kors australia outlet

And what a par fait idea, liv we won’t get the peek we deserve on the big screen, perhaps that’s the next best thing?Bomer, mcconaughey, manganiello, tatum, and alex pettyfer all stripping down for a good cause?

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