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Jan koum

Jan koum caused quite the michael kors bags australia stir when facebook announced that it was buying his mobile messaging startup whatsapp for $19 billion in feb.2014.A boxer, koum and his service floored ceo mark zuckerberg so much that the social network made a record offer so the two could become”Friends. “Koum created whatsapp in 2009 as the first smartphone application to let people send text messages between different phones and countries for free, using only their cell phone numbers.It is now the biggest mobile messaging service in the world with 430 million active users, bigger than skype and snapchat combined.With the vast majority of users outside the states, whatsapp is on nearly every smartphone in spain and hong kong, and used by half the population of holland. It’s aiming to reach 1 billion registered users by the end of2014.Born and raised in a village on the outskirts of kiev, koum immigrated to mountain view, calif.When he was 16 and soon discovered a passion for computer hacking and networking.He worked at yahoo as a security and infrastructure engineer for nine years under yahoo cofounder and fellow billionaire david filo, before leaving in 2007.He created a status update app for the iphone in january 2009.When apple allowed ios developers to ping their apps with notifications, koum turned his into a back and forth messaging service.Since then he and cofounder brian acton have operated a uniquely insular silicon valley enterprise, shunning advertisers and press attention prior to the deal with facebook.[.] more

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