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Where to buy 1950s style prom dresses and petticoats The 1950s prom dress is traditionally a fitted bodice, which flares out at the waist with an a line or circle skirt.Traditionally the 50s prom dress is worn with a full petticoat underneath the skirt, which gives the skirt fullness, texture and a lovely floaty movement. Petticoats are often cheap louis vuitton bags available to buy with the dresses or in the same shops, alternatively there are a number of dancewear shops that stock them and a few indepedent stores that make their own. The popularity of the 1950s prom dress50s style prom dresses have consistently had a place in the fashion market, often popular with burlesque, pin up, rockabilly and goth subcultures, who like to draw inspiration from vintage styles.The popularity is understandable, as this style is utterly feminine, flirty and fun and can be styled in many different ways. During the autumn winter 2010 season, the 1950s silhouette returned to mainstream fashion, taking inspiration from the popular television show mad men.Louis vuitton and prada were key brands showcasing this look.This trend for a 50s prom dress has fed through to the high street, making this look more readily available. Where to buy reproduction 1950s prom dressesthere are a number of brands who reproduce 1950s prom dress styles, often using original patterns and reproduction fabrics or vintage fabrics. Vivienne of holloway is a london based brand which makes 50s reproduction clothing, including prom dresses, dungarees, shirts and skirts.They also sell belts, hair flowers and petticoats to complete the look.Vivienne of holloway provide the 50s prom dress in cotton and silk satins, in patterns such as polka dots and anchors.Be sure to check the sizing though, as due to the use of vintage patterns the sizing comes up very small. Brighton based company dig for victory also provides a range of 50s style prom dresses, as well as other 60s styles such as romper suits.Dig for victory specialises in using vintage fabrics, adding to the authenticity of their styles.Their prices are very affordable and offer a made to measure service for very little extra money! Beautiful 1950s prom dresses on the high streetdue to the popularity of 50s prom dresses, there are a number of styles on the high street.There is one for every budget, so here are some shops that have some in stock, that are worth checking out: Jigsawasosstop staring!Topshopbettie pagerose cotara starletif you can’t find one you love, you are not looking hard enough!You could always try learning dress making and make your own? The other option is to shop for vintage, although to find good 50s vintage is difficult and you will need a good eye for the right thing! Published on dec 3, 2010 Sharetweet this storyshare on facebookshare on google+report itnext story by jayne readeasy gift wrapping ideas for christmas and birthday presents So you’ve bought the perfect gift, but you want the ultimate impact?Why not spend a little extra time and thought on how it is presented, wrapping a birthday or christmas gift in an unusual or sp.

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